Dunlop Motesports Mercedes Actros

Just counted 9 x 62 plate actros’ parked outside Gerard Mann, Lichfield Rd, Birmingham. Does anyone know who run these? They look well smart.

No Pic’s ■■?!!!

No unfortunately not as I saw them at the last minute. They are by the entrance to East End Foods so I’m sure someone will be able to get a photo or two

Aren’t they Stobart’s
Don’t they deliver tyres to the racing teams
I’m sure the were on the tv programme

Stobarts do Pirelli’s for f1, gp2 and gp3,
Unless things have changed over the winter Dunlop run their own fleet of trucks out of Birmingham, they have been using Iveco’s, but it was a lease deal. Maybe they’ve got a better deal from Merc I’ll find out in a couple of weeks as we’re doing a test with Dunlop.

I’ve been past these a few times this week when going to PTS round the corner. They do look smart indeed!

Soldier Z, Stobarts do have the grey ones for Mercedes and also Black Scanias in a Matt finish for the Pirelli contract but I very much doubt these yellow ones belong to stobarts as well…

Maga, could you grab a photo on your way past and upload next time you are around there?

i think thay are run in house as thay are based behind fort dunlop

Not sure I think Dunlop Motorsports are MSA British Touring Cars, just checked they are the tyre official suppliers.

Dunlop supply tyres to quite a few race series and they are busy in the summer, quite often the driver will come back from something like a Le Mans series race swap trailers and go off to a bike race. Some of the tyre fitters/truck drivers are full-time, but many more are just employed for the race season.

Any pics ?.

This is the best I can do of the old trucks.

Testing at Snetterton

working in Motorsport all glamour and grid girls.

Not sure what I can say about him. :laughing:

I know a few of the lads in the picture spent 9 days with the Dunlop team at le mans about two years ago a great bunch of lads I took a load of tyres as back up had a good time buts its not all its cracked up to be long days and boring nights the drivers double up as tyre fitters and work long hours shifts when the 24hr is on