Driving with no MOT, heading for export

Looking for a bit of advice lads, I have bought a wagon in London and I’m hoping to collect it the long weekend in May but the doe will be expired by then. The lorry is in tip-top condition but the owner never MOT’d it as it was been sold for export to Southern Ireland.
Can I drive it on the road once it’s heading for export or will I have to pick it up with a low loader?

Probably be cheaper to get a trade plater to drive it there. Don’t think you can drive it without an MOT, even if it’s going for export. Might be wrong though.

the only time you can drive a vehicle with no mot is to and from a pre-booked mot test, and the return journey if it fails can be to the place it is going to be repaired, trade plates only act as a tax and do not cover vehicle that have no mot :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

Thanks Harry, I had planned on using one to bring it to Holyhead but a chap was telling me it’s ok to drive it once it’s going for export. I dunno where I stand now. If I ring the DVLA would they set me straight? The wagon is fine, everything is 100% on it-just no MOT

Its correct that Trade Plates do not cover having no MOT. Its a common misconception even held by many Trade Plate holders.

I am 95% sure that an HGV proceeding directly to a port for permanent export is exempt MOT. OP will need to spend some time trawling the internet to find the specific ruling.

DIRECT for export does NOT require an MOT but what you need to have with you as evidence (shipping note/ticket etc?) I’m not sure. I looked it up while back for a mate who was taking trailers for export to Africa. I found it on the DVLA/ VOSA website.

Beware that the vehicle must still be in a roadworthy condition should it be checked over!

It’s definitely the case that lots of vehicles are driven to port for export without MOT. It’s a bit like how used trailers are delivered without an MOT.

Generally considered that trailers must be unladen and would have expected similar for export but generally for export they’re loaded to the gunwales.

I don’t know if it’s a grey area, the authorities turn a blind-eye or there is an official exemption somewhere but, if so I haven’t have seen it clearly stated in any official publication easily available. The practice is widespread in the export and trailer delivery sectors though.


Have just found it from a google

  1. Exemptions from roadworthiness testing in Schedule 2 of the Good Vehicles (Plating and Testing) Regulations 1988 Vehicle
  2. HGVs for export and visiting forces vehicles.
    rha.uk.net/members/recovery_ … exemptions