Driving licence catergories

I sent my licence off for change of address , it came back yesterday , with some extra categories on it …
Am, a1, a2 & A , these are valid from 19.1.13 to 18.9.50

I done my cbt years ago but according to the codes & info I can find the A category gives means i can ride any bike unrestricted , I’ve ridden bikes but never taken a test on one , has anybody else had this change ?

It seems the DVLA system is getting really messed up with the new changes from 19/01/2013

The law regarding categories is that if the driver has not passed the relevant DSA test but DVLA put it on the licence then the driver does not have the legal right to use that category … but the DVLA system says they can if checked upon

Only a deeper check into the DSA test pass system will say otherwise but that is rarely done

That’s what I thought rog , if I was to get a bike & get stopped by pc bollox who asked to see my licence then its on there , I won’t get a bike as I don’t like them but as you say only a deeper thorough check would highlight this , I’m guessing this is happening to a lot of people

AM is the new name for mopeds, you have this automatically with your car licence.
You may well have the restriction code 79(tri) alongside the CatA, this is because trikes used to come under sub category B1 but now they come under CatA.
If you don’t have the restriction code and haven’t passed a bike test then it is a DVLA mistake.

You’ve been lucky…it’s been happening for years. (Just check out back issues of Motor Cycle News.)

They sometimes come back with categories missing and when their computer says you didnt pass a particular category unless you can prove you did you’re screwed. Option one is take the test again. And option two doesn’t exist.

For this reason I always say I’ve ‘lost’ my licence. Then if they ■■■■ up I can prove they’re wrong.

Useless ■■■■■■■■■

Count yourself lucky. Dvla sent back loads of driving licenses with missing categories.

I heard of one guy who sent his license away for an address change and it came back with his bike entitlement missing. He phoned Dvla to complain and offers a letter from him employer stating that he does have the required license and it is important for his work, Dvla refused until it turned out the guy was a Police Motorcycle rider.

Mate of mine passed his old class 3. Which automatically became Class 2, (Cat C) when they did away with it, and he changed the address on his licence.

A few years later on, he moved again, and it came back with Class 1 (C+E)

He didn’t bother saying anything, just thought it’d go away the next time he moved.

He now has D and D+E

These r going to be the new codes as they is different classes 4 your motor bike now was getting told about it on my dcpc course a few month ago

These are going to be the new codes as there are different classes for your motor bike now was told about it on my dcpc course a few month ago

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