Driving jobs to spain


gazza i hope you have more luck than me,i have been looking for 6months and ever interview the first question is can you speak spanish.sogood luck and if you find one please let me know

Hello, you two, and welcome to TruckNet.

As you doubtless know, continental work is very quiet at the mo, but a friend of mine does fridge work to Spain. I will be speaking to him tomorrow, so I will ask him who is running down that way nowadays, and pass on that info here at the weekend.

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Thank you very much vince and alf i look forward to a little bit more info from you the weekend, cheers Gary

thank you very much vince. for some more info i live in la font,gandia, i have adr a flt licence up to 12 tonne as a merlo licence hope to hear from you. once again thank you

Im afraid it isnt good news lads, Fransens do regular runs to Gibralter, and Davies Turner do a bit to Spain, but other than that, the only Brits who run regularly to Spain are owner-drivers.

Like many firms, we do occasional work there- we sent a truck last week-but generally, it doesn`t seem to pay as much as UK work so we only do it when it is our own work- and all of us drivers fight to do it.

If I hear anything, Ill let you know. Sorry I couldnt be more help, but hopefully someone else here may have some more ideas.


Buenas dias señores
Actually over the last couple of years there have been less and less marked UK registered vehicles going to Spain but there has been a slight increase in plain white UK registered vehicles heading down that way which in turn suggest that Vince is saying is correct that more and more is being farmed out to Owner Drivers.
Basically with the difference in running and wage costs between UK and Spanish/Portuguese companies I cannot see there being any change in this situation indeed it will only get worse as the WTD comes into effect.

just a quick word about english/british trucks running down here,I am droping off her indoors in barcelona tomorrow vers u.k.Normally I will be lucky if I see more than 1 english reg truck,a few weeks ago I saw 2 of Denby,s parked up just the otherside of the french border.When the eastern european,s can come down without any customs or restictions just whatch the owner driver work disappear,there are now many eastern europeans running from outside the e.u.When they are allowed in I think the rates will tumble all round. :unamused:

Hello Gazza 500,
If you’re looking for a UK company that regularly sends drivers to Spain, then try G & S International, based in Bellshill, Scotland.
They’ve got about 80 trucks and do mostly Spanish work, with a depot there too.
Contact: G & S International, T.0870 870 7810.
Ta, cacciatore.

Gazz 500.

Sorry I took a while to reply but you know free time is rare. You could try Framptons in Somerset, they do tend to nanny you but it’s steady work and when I was there about 6 years ago the money wasn’t bad. The number is 01749 333400 and it was Richard Fry the man to talk to. They have a depot just out side Barcelona and run to Portugal and it’s not bad kit.

Cheers Clint

Clint,no go only do limited work down here,just phoned and got the sp.The guy in barcelona is the one to talk to.

:hi guys well i spent many happy years running spain and portugal for different companys but mainly for rokold european. moved out o live in javea costa blanca april 2002 hoping to get work with spanish outfit but its the same old storey we brits are to idle to learn the lingo but that was the only barrier. i did see solstor spanish reg trucks operating out of gandia in between valenciaand alicante. there are also many british companys mainly removals operating from spain. suggest you look in the costa blanca news on line a english edition paper out every friday .hope this is of some help .kevin.

Does Morocco count?
What about John Mann’s at Heckington, Lincs?

Can confirm the lousy rates. I worked for a haulier with a frigo in SW France which isn’t far from Spain and we never went there. Italy, Swiss, Germany, Benelux and UK, but never Spain or Portugal.

Salut, David.

Ca va dave,where in sw france not far from spain myself,not many anglais down here,mind you add a quick word with the first english trucker i,ve seen since i,ve down here on tuesday 17 hours left and a drop in stone wednesday,bon noel . :wink:

Does Morocco count?
What about John Mann’s at Heckington, Lincs?


JMI have been laying off drivers lately, in the face of competition from Davies Turner.

We employ an ex-JMI driver ourselves, and subbed a couple of trucks to them regularly until about a year ago.

I was asked to go to Morocco many times , but always refused. The nearest I ever got was a changeover in Malaga.

A bit late now, but JMI usually have work available to those who don`t mind being away at Christmas.