Driving Hours

right may seem like a silly ? this but i have had so much diff info i thought i would come to the right place oki the question what hours can i drive in a week and per day and what r max hours for 1 week and how much can i work the next weeks


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Davey Driver has the rules on his website


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Basicaly, you can drive for a total of 9 hours in a day (10hrs twice in a week), for 6 days. There is no written down limit to the number of hours you can drive in a week but 6 x 9 = 54hrs, add on 2 more hours for the two 10hrs = 56hrs.
There is a maximum for any two week period (ie last week and this week and this week and next week), of 90 hrs. The 90hrs is a maximum limit and cannot be exceeded.

In practice that means its safest not to exceed 45hrs driving in a week, if you do, keep a very careful eye on what you do the next week. Also only exceed 45hrs this week if you did less last week. I’ve put myself in an difficult position on this one, quite a few times. The Drivers Hour Guard has this built into it, so if you’ve got one, and use it properly, you should be OK.