Driving Assessment For Job Tomorrow

I have my first Class 1 driving assessment tomorrow for a big haulage firm near me, and to be honest, I’m not sure how its going to go.
They have the new Mans (TGX I think) with auto boxes. I trained and passed in a wag and drag manual, so I’m thinking the size and auto may overwhelm me. :open_mouth:

Any tips and advise will be greatly appreciated.

Tell the assessor the truth and ask for guidance

any good assessor will guide you and if not then the company could be questionable…

They might help you with your daily checks, as ROG says, then remember what you did each day while training.
Take your time, your going to as nervous as your test.
You know the roads so use the White lines when turning and the mirrors.
If turning left drive to the white line of the road your turning into then use the N/S mirror, remember the one in Peterborough.
Enjoy your time and good luck.


Good luck with your assesment I’d be really interested to see how it goes for you driving the artic. Did you tell the company that’s assessing you that you’d passed on wagon and drag? If so they should be a bit more helpful.

Fingers crossed for you :smiley:

I passed in a W&D but have never driven 1 since now drive an artic it does reverse a little different as the pivot point is at a different place you also need a wider swing on corners & roundabouts as an artic does not follow you round as easy so be a bit careful on that

An assessment is to see if you can drive safely they will prob ask you to do a reverse normally into a bay take you ut on the road for a bit but remember this is not a test but to see how safe you are & that you are not going to crash / damage the vehicle

Some companies will send out a mentor with you for the first few day if a new driver so I would tell them the truth about passing in a W&D

They may ask you to either drop a trailer or hook up to one.
If so in an auto gearbox, there is not much control.
Check if the height is too low or too high before reversing under the trailer or you will over shoot or under shoot the fifth wheel.
When checking engine oil,it is done on the dash.
Take your time and relax,if unsure ask.

How did the assesment go? :smiley:

If so in an auto gearbox, there is not much control

I will be honest and say I’ve never driven an automatic truck in the real world. But we run two and both are very controllable for reversing and shunting.

Maybe things have moved on?

OP - hope it went well.

Pete :laughing: :laughing:

Thanks for all the tips. The assessment did not go to bad. I explained to the assessor that I have only just passed my test in a wag and drag, which he seemed a little surprised, especially when I said I have not done any driving yet.
I must confess, I did go out with a mate Sunday who works there to get a feel of the size of the unit, which seems hugh compared to what I trained in. He also gave me tips on getting in and out of the entrance as the security office is placed on a corner, so you turn very late almost clipping the mirror on the corner of the office.

Started assessment off with daily checks around the unit, of which on the MAN TGX they have a fancy switch to check the lights (this might be standard on all makes of new units). Basically you press this switch which then causes all outside lights to operate without actually turning any of the indicator, lights switches etc on. As soon as you start the engine, this then aborts. Also works with the trailer.

Backing onto the trailer was not to bad, the only thing was that I was taught back in 2008 you use the legs to raise the trailer inline with the unit, where as there you raise or lower the rear of the unit, which he did show me.
One thing I missed after lifting the legs, was putting the break back in on the trailer. :unamused:

Next thing was to back on to a bay. It was the last bay of a row, with a high concrete wall on one side and a trailer on the other, but there was plenty of room at the front to get the artic nice and straight, which I felt my reversing could of been a lot better, I did it in 4 shunts.

Now out onto the road. The route lasted about 15 mins, and to be honest, was pretty straight forward with no issues.

Got back to the yard, of which the assessors said it was a good smooth drive. Spent the next 10 mins having a chat and signing paperwork. The only thing I need to do now is get a medical done (last one done back in 2008), as they will not take on new drivers without one.

One other thing, the MAN TGX are very nice to drive, very quite, autobox makes them a breeze to drive, really does remove a considerable amount of thinking for the driver. The only downside I found with the MAN autobox, is some times when approaching roundabouts the gear selected was not always low enough, so when entering a busy roundabout the vehicle would not pull away quick enough.

All I need to do is get my medical sorted, then I will be out driving. They said for the first week or two (depending how I do) they will put me with an experienced driver who will show me whats what, and how the job is done. A little nervous, but also excited, have not had that feeling for an other job in a long time. :slight_smile:

Sounds like it went well - well done. Most drivers will have forgotten to release the trailer brake at some point. The fact the outfit wont move is a bit of a reminder!

I agree the MAN auto is very smooth and certainly makes for a stress free drive.

All the best with the medical and starting the job.

Pete :laughing: :laughing:

Sounds like it went well :smiley: