Driving as a hobby!?

Good evening…. Strange set of details and questions for you…

I drive lorries as a hobby, love driving them in the same way somebody might love a train set or scuba diving, I don’t see driving them as work, strange but true.

I no longer have to work, I am past retirement age and are comfortably set, no need to earn so I do not work.

Now, when I drive I do so for a charitable organisation, I volunteer for the organisation who then benefits from the time I give them, which is spent lorry driving in my case and the charity raises an invoice for my time and receives full payment and uses the funds for their aims.

I don’t get a cent. In my world I am enjoying a hobby, nothing more or less.

My main question is, based upon the truth of the arrangement.

It is inescapable that I have to use a tacho card and I do, but strictly speaking, I am not working, nothing about driving the lorry, tipping or loading is work to me.

So, am I required to add manual entries for the hobby related activities?

I said it was a strange set of facts and details but the question has been raised to find out how I might deal with the DVSA should I get stopped.

I am intrigued to see if anyone else has faced a similar set of circumstances.

It is of course no trouble to carry out manual entries but by doing so, and in effect, I am signifying that I am working not enjoying my hobby by making entries that are strictly not true.

Thank you

There is payment (doesn’t matter if it is not to you), there is someone receiving benefit (again, doesn’t matter if it is not benefit to you) so under the new rules of classifying “commercial driving”, it fits:

If this driving is infrequent, then for convenience you can use the Attestation Form option

BTW, scuba diving as a hobby is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy more fun than driving a commercial vehicle