Drivers with dr10's

just a quick question for any drivers that have a dr10 on there license.
do you find it hard getting driving jobs??

long story short i was caught the morning after 2mgs over limit in my car and done my punishment of 9month ban and payed my fines and costs. but just seem to find it near impossible to get a half decent job and looks like going to be like this for another 5 years according to some companies i phoned they wont consider it unless been 5 yrs or more and even agencies wont take me on. i have a job class 1 driving but not my cup of tea with the pay and way get messed around.

Hi, this was discussed a while ago the link to the post is below. Within it are other links to other discussions.

Good luck though.

cheers for link, still finding my way around the forum finding lots of usefull info :sunglasses:

I sympathise with your predicament; made the same mistake myself about 15 years ago. It’s all very easy to take the high moral ground with drink/drive but as you’ve found out to your cost, you don’t have to do it on the night to get nicked, and face it we’re all human.

In answer to your question, and putting my ex-consultant/TM hat on; my experience is that it’s down to the client’s insurers, not the agency itself. I used to ask clients what they’d deem acceptable where points and bans were concerned, and by and large it was either “clean” or “3 points max”. My guess, though, is that some were covering their backsides simply because they didn’t know. I did have drivers with drink/drive convictions on our books, but naturally their opportunities were limited because of the above.

Look on the bright side; at least you’ve got your HGV licence back. Many have to wait a year if they go in front of the TC and he or she’s had a bad day! FWIW I’d stick with that job, at least it counts on your CV when you go for another one.

You will I think find it very very hard to get on with a decent company, it seems that everyone you approach for a job asks if you have a DR10.

And not taking the moral high ground, you really should have known better and taken more care, you were aware of the consequences of being over the limit as is everyone else on here.

to be honest mate your going to struggle to find a company that will take you on with a DR10 however there are companies that will. (Just its the minority thats all). Alot of companies wont take people on if they have got more than 6 points on there license this is not that they dont want to its just most insurance companies will refuse to insure you so dont hold it against the company its just in there insurance policy. Good Luck in the Job Hunt mate.