Drivers with a heart condition

Hi all.
I’m new to trucknet, not yet qualified but hoping to be in the next few months.
I have a congenital heart problem which I had an operation for when I was 10 years old. I am 34 now and have no ill effects from this and as far as I’m concerned I am in pretty good health. I go for check ups every couple of years.
The dvla has issued me my lgv licence provisionally for 1 year. Once I’ve got the licence should I be ok unless something drastic happens? Or will I always be worried that the dvla could take my licence away at any time sending my (hopefully) new career and money spent training down the toilet?
Does anyone have any experiences or opinions on this sort of stuff or is in a similar boat themselves or know someone who is? Any comments are appreciated.

dont worrie to much , only change if you have if you go back into hospital. myself just getting back on me feet after heart stents be a year this april. been long road good hard slog but i am back in the saddle again only got hgv for 3 years .then back for a check. chin up as they say, :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks sparky, that’s what I was hoping. Can I be nosy and ask how long you’ve been having issues with your heart for? And if the DVLA have been involved since then?