Drivers who forget to take medication

Look what happened in New York when this truck driver did not take his medication for epilepsy. Our thoughts are with the families of the British victims. RIP

Sorry guys, more doom and gloom, but a leason to be learnt about how this can be avoided, if the driver had remembered his medication, it would not have happened.

i’m not disputing your info but how do you know he had epilepsy?
do you foam at the mouth with epilepsy?

different health rules in the states then, I thought you couldn’t drive a truck in this country if you were taking epilepsy drugs (or had taken them in the last 10 years)

New York police said the 52-year-old driver was operating the privately-owned truck on Tuesday when he suffered a seizure

didnt mention epilepse at all, im going for rabies myself :unamused: :wink: