Drivers hours - brain fart


Stupid question alert!

If i started dring at 7am and finished at 8pm, can i take a 9hr rest or does it havd to be 11hrs?

I know the break has to be finished within the 24hr period but for life of me cant remember this bit…

Long day, sun burnt, ummmm run of other excuses

Thanks for those that help solve my brain ■■■■ :blush: :blush: :blush:

No it does not, it can be reduced to 9hrs anytime, as long as you have not already reduced 3 times in that tacho week.

Sun burnt■■? Where was you in the world today then??

yes…as you have only worked 13 hours…an 11 hour rest is possible.

if you work more than 13 hours,it makes no difference how long you have off…you have still reduced

you could take 9 off,which would count as a reduce

As said - if the shift time is more than 13 hours then it is a reduced daily rest

If the time taken between shifts is between 9 and 10 hours 59 mins then its a reduced daily rest

The maximum number of reduced daily rests is 3 between weekly rests - not per week as some think