Driverhire, Crewe

Hi all,

Sorry to invade the truck forum however wondering if you fine people would be able to provide a little info.

I am looking at signing on with Driverehire based in Crewe and at the moment I can only drive transit size vans due to the fact I passed after 1997.

Does anybody know any of the clients that use that office taking on van drivers as I would like to see what I might be letting myself in for and do a bit of research on the companies.



I have done for driver hire in rochdale, seemed ok and they may put you thru your class 3 etc. ask them about it cos they have their own training school for trucks. it may be worth your while to be able to get the big licence. good luck.

Driverhire is a franchise opperation
so each office will be slightly different, but generally opperated under the same remit.

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I worked for Driver Hire Grimsby for a total of 8 years, couldn’t fault them.

As previously stated, DH is a franchise operation, so each office will be handled differently, but under the same basic rules.
They do insist on straight running as well, and provide uniforn once you are established.
Have a look at their website.