Driver Training - Recommend JLD Banbury

I’d like to make a very strong recommendation to use JLD in Banbury for your training. They got me and my training buddy through, and it seems just about everyone else that was going through their tests at that time. I understand their pass rate is very high (in the 80s?) and I gather this is maybe twice the national average.

I’m not surprised - they were brill!

I have something to compare with as I trained with another firm twelve months ago and the comparison was like chalk and cheese. In no time at all I felt there was a superior approach to training, and we went into test day (class 2) very well prepared, and the proof of the pudding etc etc.

If there is any doubt about whether you should train solo or as a pair, the pair gets the thumbs up, increasing your time in the cab, learning from each other.


Sounds fantastic. I have my theory booked for end of this month. So this will be my next step. Im not too far from Banbury also. Thanks for that. Just need to see if I have to pay in one lump sum now…gulp :slight_smile:

Yep, am afraid you will. Can’t have it always. Quality comes at a price and all that! Taking short cuts means risk, and would probably cost you in the long run.

JLD are already in the members recommended list on this site

Do they now have their own training and test area up and running in Oxford :question:

I forgot this …

:smiley: :smiley:

Yep it’s all set up. So there’s lots of opportunity to do the reversing and get that nailed down. Apols for delayed reply - been out driving!!