driver cpc periodic training

Hi , Please does anyone know of companies that are holding the driver cpc periodic training. Living and been working in Canada and now having to return to the uk. I would be looking to complete the course in a week . I need the full 35 hours. Many thanks .

Since the start of the new year not many doing that due to lack of demand

Many are doing weekend courses which may be of some use

All training centres listed here

Ritchies Training Centre were still doing 35 hour week-long courses in January for those wise men who maintained that DCPC would never come and they weren’t going to do it even if it did.

No idea how good the training is or how much it costs.

Where? What part of the country?

im prepared to go to wherever i can get it done in a week

im prepared to go to wherever i can get it done in a week could be worth a call

If you’re anywhere near Ashford, Kent I can recommend this one

I can sort you in Burnley, Lancashire at a special Trucknet price but not until week commencing 02/03 - fully booked until then.

Do your adr that’s 21 hrs in a week and then hiab or forklifts are 7 hrs each that’s what I did to get my 35 hrs

At least the rip off prices are leveling out at long last :slight_smile: