driver agency

Hi all, anybody know anything about Drivers Direct Recruitment. Ive got a interview there tomorrow at there sutton branch for class c work but to be honest id take anything at the moment.
He also said i have to obtain a nvq which they pay for, any help on this one guys!! This guy sounded realy genuine, but then again thats all ive heard since i passed my class c, and still not had a shift with anyone. Manpower was the best, promised me the earth in nov, guess wot, not done a shift for them to this date.
I do understand the work situation, just like to hear it as it is, not how they think we want to hear it.
Moan over
cheers guys.

ive been registered with them since october and all i ever get is a load of old bull about work comming up soon. just need to sort this out or what ever excuse.

i did however see a recruitment agency at the bottom of sutton highstreet yesterday called employment plus they are looking for class 2 drivers. have a look on their website its no good to me because i don’t have a clean licence. mine is filthy dirty! :smiley: :smiley:

Thanks mate, will go anyway, you never know. Will check that other one out you went to. Cheers mate

well i had my interview today, booked onto a nvq course next wed at my jobcentre. Have a induction with a company down in snodland on monday at 5 am. Im not even sure wot i wil be driving, the details were very scarce to be honest. Im still waiting for a call with the address, seems a bit unprofessionall to be honest. But im up for any work, god knows ive waited long enough for this.
Will keep you all informed.

Bet you a beer they call you and say its been cancelled they’ve lost the contract or summat :unamused:

Garnerlives, i owe you a beer mate!! Not even decent enough to call me though, spineless tossers. Why o why do they do it, all my confidence in them now has gone. Im just a number, nothing more. Just got a call from parcelnet though, i applied a few weeks ago and they want me to go in next week for a interview for a class 2, fingers crossed. :smiley: :smiley:

How did you find out its a no goer then■■? Good luck with the interview, hope something comes of it :smiley:

i rang them yesterday to hear the news i expected, nothing doing next week. I just dont understand why they get you in, 2 hours of form filling for nothing. I listened to the constant frantic calls he was making while i was there aswell, trying to drum up business.
Im not stupid, i understand how slack work is but please all you agency owners, tell it like it is. Theres no need to lie.
Cheers Guys.
Garnelives, i will have to send that beer up to you mate lol

Don’t worry about it mate, one or two more encounters with folks like that, that you’ve gone in to see and you’ll be turning to the alcohol mate :open_mouth:

Just got to hope that one of the people you go in to see aren’t dicking you about, and get you that break, then you can go back to the others when you’ve done some driving and see if they will get you more shifts to bulk out your work/money.

Keep plugging away at it mate, I know it can be soul desttroying at times, I know as I’m in the same position, just remember don’t let the barstewards grind you down :smiley:

A little bit late but better late than never…………………………

I’m signed up with drivers direct down here in Fareham and to be honest they seemed to be good at the start then got the same as you of nothing doing then I got offered comet on 7.5t, did a few shifts ■■■■■■■ and dumping peoples white goods and then promises of a few jobs that would get cancelled as I was getting ready the night before. I went into the office and had it out with them, if they have no work they tell me, if they have work they tell me. If they give me a job and I turn work down for them and then they cancel they will either pay me for 8 hours that day or they will have ■■■ in their letterbox. (I wouldn’t have actually done this by the way) and it seemed to work. Now I get told if there is nothing and if there is a job I get told a start time and an address. Recently though the work has slowed drastically and I have had to cancel on them a few times due to injuries (muscle sprains and family problems) but we both understand each other. Go in and tell them how you want to play it and they should be ok with you.

To be honest I have found them to be one of the better agencies I am with and will try to get me work when I am available.

Good luck with it all and just keep plugging at it mate, you will get there in the end