Dried meals

I posted about meals you take with you for emergencies and how horrid most of the tins are. Someone suggested a company but I can’t find the original post about it. Ring any bells with anyone

When I was running Eastern Europe in late eighties, early nineties, I used Hot Cans. Not high class, but never hurt me (though I’ve got a strong constitution!). Back then, there were about 6 varieties and they were self heating which was handy.

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Tesco and Sainsburys sell microwave sachets from a company called ‘look what I have found’ (or something similar). There is a wide choice of main dishes such as chilli various curries, Bolognaise sauce, chicken in white sauce. These are very good and havn’t done me any harm!!

I always have and always will carry tins of one kind or another ( the £ shop is ideal for this ) and the rice now comes in small sachets for microwave in 2 minutes, or in a saucepan…cook the rice, add the tin of whatever ( chicken, beef, curry etc , ) add some bread and crack open a can of something to drink…pasta is good to carry, crisps, biscuits jam/marmalade and not forgetting a loaf of bread, or cheese, or ham etc…at least you will never go hungry.

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Corned Beef in Tin
German large Sausage in Glass
Chines Soup. Just add Boiled Water

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Was it this thread : ?