Dray work @ Thatcham, any advice/experiences?

Given my boss a bit of advance warning today, that i’m looking around again and will be off soonish. Not that he will take advantage of that fact and actually employ a replacement in good time, but thats not my problem.

Noticed that there is a lot of adverts for C, and C+E working for “a large brewery based in Thatcham”. The rates seem very good, if all different ranging from £9-£14 per hour :unamused: .

I assume this is going to be K+N or S+N or something like that.

Having searched, there are a few posts about this kinda thing, but all quite old now (2004 time).

I assume it’s urban artics and double manning?

I’m not afraid of heavy lifting, as long as it doesn’t take the biscuit, I assume the dray business has been around long enough to have the delivery method sorted out, once you find your feet.

Currently lifting laundry bags in large quantities, which can weigh up to a bag of sand/cement, then doing flights and flights of stairs in tight London hotels.

Had anyone had any experience of working out of Thatcham/Reading recently, and what it’s like?

Or any advice on dray work in general would be good…

I have no rose tinted ideas about early stacks, or fantastic money any more, just after a fair days pay for a fair days work.

thatcham is a big depot so its not just dray work from there its also brewery trunking in iveco stralis. go for it if nothing else it will keep you fit :wink:


if you do the trunking it is a piece of cake i hope to go back to it when i finish over here.

Wildgoose you have a pm