Hi all,
Im considering a career change into hgv but i have an 8 year old conviction for drink driving on my license. What chance do i have of finding work with this endorsement staying with me for 11 years? Im wondering if it still has to be declared to the insurance company as i only had to declare it for my van insurance for 5 years, does it work the same way with HGV?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated, i dont have too long to wait till my 11 years are up so i could carry on in my current job till then

You will really struggle but its not impossible to get a little work

ROG is correct. But, as things get busier for operators, the bar is being continually lowered to accept newbies, under 25’s (and under 21’s) and you will find it tricky, but not impossible, to get a start.

Alternatively, train and get your licence, put it in a drawer for 3 years and you become a very desirable candidate having held your licence for that period. I don’t suggest lying about experience; far too easy to be caught out.

All the best with it, Pete :laughing: :laughing:

Thanks guys I thought i might be ok with it being 8 years ago and classed as a spent conviction, iv held my license for 15 year and other than that it’s clean. May still start the training and see if I can get a start as I can train around my current job

Depends if it will come up on a DBS (used to be the CRB) check. If it does you could well be refused…

But there’s work out there.

Go for the license and carry on with your current job. Then,when your 11 years is up,your past the magical 2 year period from passing that insurance companies think make someone a much safer,better driver :laughing:
you’ll find it much easier to get a job then. New pass + DR10 = big risk and hardly any companies will touch you

I have / had a DR10 on my licence which the company saw and still got a job so yes you can get work with it showing on your licence!! Mine is still on my paper part but will come off in october so happy days!!

Bit of a tangent here- but … If companies cant employ you for insurance purposes blah blah, how do training companies do it?

Someone must be paying through roof for it, bad enough for a learner but with a DR?

If companies cant employ you for insurance purposes blah blah, how do training companies do it?

I can only speak for ourselves. We’re fine with DR10 over 5 years old. 5 years or less we have to contact the insurers with the candidate details and then they can increase the excess, increase the premium or decline the risk. We’ve had several folks with DR10 under 5 years old and we’ve never had a problem with the insurance.

It’s different, though, for a haulier. He has to put up the strongest possible case for keeping the premium and excess down. So recent DR10’s are considered a bit iffy. Another case is over 6 points on the licence.

Interestingly, the insurers are looking more kindly at young and new drivers - - not before time!!

Pete :laughing: :laughing: