Down south

Anyone know of any firms where i just moved to (Gosport) that do International?

looking to get back into the long distance side of things that I was doing in my previous job before I had to move.

so anywhere around hampshire really



Davies of southampton? I see curtainsiders in caen regularly think they are FTL, from portsmouth area i think.

Alan Knight, Portsmouth I believe.

FTL near Pompey truckstop, Frazer freight in same area…both do groupage…

You could also try nobby dingle dangle■■? Depots in Caen etc…

excellent guys!

will have a look at those. :smiley:

Someone told me Fraser frieght in Portsmouth where looking for drivers

Someone told me Fraser Freight in Portsmouth where looking for drivers

That would be amazing!!! I thought that place was dead mans shoes!! I waited for 5 years. Cracking firm to work for, I know a few of their drivers.

even better.

will give them a call tomorrow!

Thanks! :grimacing:

of course ifanyone knows anymore id be happy to know about them.

dont mind driving a little way to get to work if im going to be away for a week or so, so not just limited to hampshire.