DOT check ... result :)

Last thursday moning heading up to Ben & Jerry’s in St Albans VT DOT were open at Colchester on I-89 and as much as my fingers were crossed puuling in I drew the short straw and was selected for the joys of an inspection :frowning:
“Going to Ben and Jerry are ya ?” said the smart geezer.
“Pull over there and I’ll be with you shortly”
I sat waiting and wondering if I had missed anything on my pretrip look around ? along comes the cop in his pick up truck, asks to see my log, I point out that I am on ‘Elog’ so he hangs on the mirror arm to look at todays log then steps down and asks for my registration, licence and medi card etc. I hand him the folder of docs cos I can’t be arsed to go through the lot and he retreats to his vehicle and is in there for about 20 minutes before calling me over, he handed all the docs back and said “You are quite vocal aren’t you ?”
“What do you mean ? I never said a word”
He then tells me about an email from me to DOT complaining about the ticket I got for a bolt in my tyre and asking them how getting a puncture as I drive along is law but the same law allows a man to drive for 11 hours non stop ? “You’re coments are there for all DOT officers to see when they enter your details and well said anyway, by the way if you are interested the ticket was quashed”
He then told me to be on my way and have a good day, no truck inspection, just my docs. I reported the inspection to the company as required and got my $50.00 award for passing a level 3 inspection, level 1 pays $100.00 level 2 pays $75.00.
Not many companies pay for DOT checks but then I work for a good one. :frowning:

The DOT are crafty ■■■■■■■■ then keeping them e-mails but that was a decent cop to let you know Pat.

A few weeks ago i was stopped by a cop in an SUV in Maine for speeding, he did a quick inspection on the tractor and trailer but found nothing wrong. I was’nt worried about the fine so much but more about the BS i’d get from the company :unamused:

The trooper gives my papers back to me and says just a warning about speeding this time, i say thanks and took off, then when i check the inspection report he made out he wrote that he observed me speeding :frowning:

Our safety guy did’nt make a fuss but did say this may get me some points on that FMCSA drivers registry 2010 :imp: I’ll get the safety guy to check on that to see if they did.