Don't sound right

Hi new to thr forums but been in the game 20 odd yrs
Been self employed now for the past few years and as of monday the firm i sub off have introduced a hourly rate for the drivers mate. Now thats great news for them but a lot of subbies use their own men so they pay them whatever as the drivers get paid the second man money,and they pass it on, i have one of their men supplied to me so they pay him direct but having a chat the other day it turns out there just about 65p an hour difference between his wage and mine (hgv 2) i asked the gaffer who i sub off why am i only on 65p an hour more and he said because the othedrivers have their own men, but because this bloke has been with them a few years they can’t just stop using him so i can’t bring in my own man so i have got to have him with me . I don’treally know what to do about it as i foolishly only get work off him

Who’s paying who . If it’s in your contract you either do it or walk if it ain’t tell em to do one .
Sounds like a white goods firm

Long as you get the same money as before what does it matter who pays the drivers mate, i think its more a case though that you have lost out by not getting the mates money in your pocket so you can pay him but keeping a bit for yourself

Confused here,are you a self employed driver or a haulage contractor .? :confused:

Self-employed driver