Dont know what to do!

Been offered a job class 1 £9.04 an hour 55 hour contract minus breaks plus overtime which is after 55 hours no nights out i have been burnt before with contracted hours and can possibly make more agency driving due to getting overtime after 8 hours , job is tuesday to saturday what do you guys think ? should i take it or sign for agency doing asda sainsburys etc?

take it … you know whats gonna happen come Christmas an the new year, cover ur ■■■■ till next year that’s what i’m doing

what area of the country you in ■■?

My gut feeling is to turn it down, i would but we’ve all got our own circs, you should be on the £9 (more) an hour for the first 8 (daily not weekly calculated) and at least £12 afterwards, officially £13.50 @ 1.5 but thats history too, then the overtime rate for Saturday all day (which should become Sunday rate after midday in an ideal world), overtime after 55 is quite frankly ridiculous.

On the other hand what else is about, how experienced are you, you should be able to work well up till Christmas but can you save enough to see a bleak 2 days a week if that over the cold January February quiet spell, indeed whats the agency real rate (not the cobblers they shout to attract new signees) in your area…

What is the overtime rate after the 55 hour week? many breaks are deducted? 45 mins per day? by tacho incl POA?, all breaks recorded?

Only you can work this one out from your circumstances, someone else will snap it up if you say no depending on the work and the lorry offered… :unamused:.

overtime after 55 is quite frankly ridiculous.:unamused:.

Thats what i was thinking , 55 hrs is a long week just on basic especially when including saturdays at no extra , the job is rdc deliveries with back load from suppliers so a lot of waiting around it is 11.75 an hour after 55 hours i was thinking that if you do 3 15hrs then probably 2 8 hrs to limit o/time thats 61 hrs minus your breaks 57 1/4 hrs top line will be somewhere around 520 so for 61 hrs take home will be around 420 quid ? think i’ll go for the agency !!