Domestic Rules Driving Dustcarts


I’ve just started driving dustcarts through an agency and I’m not 100% clear on what breaks
I legally need to take as we are on domestic hours.

I’ve been using the digi tacho on ‘Out of Scope’ and on a couple of days last week the other lads
wanted to crack on with work and get finished early so I didn’t get chance to have a proper break.

I was driving from approximately 6:00 till 13:00 and although we did stop a few times for a quick 5-10 minute
break, I didn’t actually record any proper rest periods.

Can somebody please tell me exactly what rest periods I’m required to make?


On domestic rules you’re restricted to 10 hours driving a day and 11 hours duty time, there is no break requirement.

For the working time regulations 1998 if the shift is more than 6 hours you’re entitled to a break of 20 minutes, you’re not legally required to have it though.

Check out [u]Page 26[/u] - Rules on Drivers’ Hours and Tachographs

No compulsory legal breaks or rest on UK domestic regs

Rules are
Max 10 hours driving in any 24 hour
Max 11 hours work in any 24 hours of which 10 can be driving as above

That’s it

A BIG thank you guys, was getting a little worried that might have cocked up.