Do They Exist?

Now I am a man of leisure, I have been idling my time away looking at Universal Jobmatch, there are within 40 miles of my house 208 LGV Drivers jobs available new TODAY (not inc non lgv), but on closer inspection there are dozens advertised by one agency, another 20 by another agency etc etc, and there seems to be a new agency every day, how many are genuine? if these parasites didn’t exist would there be more full time jobs? discuss.

this has been discussed to the death hundreds of times.

answer is if its all the same agency I doubt it, no you will not get rid of agencies they give too much flexibility to too many.

Didn’t realise that Wart old chap, I was just struck by the sheer number of “jobs” advertised.

its ok and yes too many agencies put far too many on and I work in recruitment (also a class1 driver so seen both sides to this).

for example I have a role come in today for a local company wanting a temp to perm driver 12 weeks with me then perm, he uses me because its cheaper and easier than placing an advert sifting through endless cv’s etc.

I didn’t put it on as have a lad on my books interested but other agencies will put it on to gain interest and bodies to place into other things.

good luck with finding a new job.

What winds me up, is they’re allowed to advertise as permanent Jobs, making your filter useless. If people want agency work they’ll search accordingly. Most people searching are probably on said agency’s and looking for full time

A “Shift” is a packaged marketed commodity. It has a lot of value today, but no value at all tomorrow, should the shift get lapsed from not being filled.

The market price for said shift will vary as per supply & demand. Nothing wrong with that model - but there IS when the driver starts getting lied to just to turn up for a shift, only to find out it’s 50 miles away and near minimum wage once they’ve already been there and done it…

To the driver - shifts at places you’ve worked already, and therefore know the score - are gold!

And no doubt these type of temporary jobs are used by DWP and government to make claims about how many jobs there are out there and how they have got us out of recession, and all the other bs they can think up
The UJM is bollucks for finding a job, and if you are unemployed there is no legal requirement for anyone to use it, or for claimants to divulge log in credentials to JCP staff who are known to break the rules in their attempts to sanction someone out of their benefits