Distraction robberies

Years ago it was common for a car to flag down a truck to tell the driver the tyre or trailer is on fire.The trucker leaves the cab not locked to see where the fire is.
In the meantine a thief has gone around the other side of the cab and robbed it of the contents.Passport.Cash.Clothing.
Tonight on Channel Four is a documentary about pickpockets in Spain and how the police deal with it in the tourist areas of Barcelona and Benidorm.
Worth a look.
It is on at 21.00.

This happens home and away, I will not stop unless I see something is genuinely wrong.

Fake cop car try to pull one of our lot over last night, he rang the cops and gave reg they told him it defo wasn’t a cop car and told him to hang tight until someone got out to take a statement off him, bugger that I would of said you deal with it, ive got ■■■■ to do.

Father used to drive for a wine merchant, carrying spirits as well as wine. Company policy was to keep the doors locked, and they carried a card to show through the window saying " I won’t leave the cab but will follow you to the nearest police station!"

Pickpockets in Spain earn 60,000 euros per year.They target couples having ■■■ on the beach,back packers in bus and train stations and drunk Brits who seem to carry a lot of cash with them on a night out.