Discourteous companies!

Hi all,I live on Teesside and currently am in my 2nd driving job after moving to the North East in September,2005. Before my current job,I worked out of the Morrisons depot in Stockton on Tees. Now,is it me or is this a national thing,but I have noticed that ‘Middlesbrough’ companies especially ,never even give you the courtesy of a reply to your application? I had recently applied to Stobarts at Sherburn,and even got a letter of confirmation for interview, after receiving a phone call off them. I have 4 and a half years Class 1 experience,no accidents,I never take a day off,always turn in on time. I know my way round the British Isles and Northern and Southern Europe,having driven coaches too,yet Teesside companies especially just never return calls,mess you about,give you a load of old flannel.Why can’t they just treat somebody with a bit of respect. I think nothing of driving a round trip of 50 miles to pick up an application form,fill it in,and return it promptly and correctly. I know this as I never had a problem gaining employment ‘down South’,yet maybe in the North East there are too many people vying for too few jobs. I just can’t understand them,and I fail to see what they want from an employee apart from working for peanuts!! Sorry,rant over.

Most companies, regardless of location or business they do no longer reply to applicants unless they’re successful.

That sounds the same as what usually happens down here to me. Seems most want to take you for some sort of mug, just because you happened to apply to them. Then some will ring you six moths later asking if you’re still interested, usually well forgot who or where by then. They then seem to forget that if you have what they are looking for - good experience etc, you have not just come off the last banana boat.