Digital tacograph

hello guys …i have a question… i live’d in portugal and i worked 4 years and now i came to live in uk…my question is can i drive with my portugues digitall tacogrph here in uk if i have now driving licence from uk??

I might be wrong,but I think you will need a UK address on your Digi card.
If you have already,I can’t see a problem.

I don’t now if i can use until the uk digital tacograph arive…

Yes you can use any current EU digicard

I think they are now stopping putting addresses on digicards

i understand ROG but is not a problem if in my digi tacho has my old portugues number licence and in the new uk drinving licence is different?

Just crack on mate.I wouldn’t worry about it,if I were you.It’s hardly crime of the century. :wink:

best people to talk to would be DVLA since its all through them, on my digi card, it doesn’t have my address on it and I got mine though in December.

i worry only because the number on driving licence is not the same in digital tachograph… thank you guys

I would think it’s ok as long as there’s no record of a UK one being issued in the past (a couple of weeks to issue it should be sufficient)
Any more than a few weeks after applying for a UK one may make them suspicious that you may have more than one card.
As it’s a European thing then I’m sure Brussels would be up in arms as it could be classed as discrimination against another European national.

As said ring or drop in to your local office.