Digital Tachograph Driver Cards

As the Subject states, How long do these things last… should I get one ■■?

As the Subject states, How long do these things last… should I get one ■■?

They last for 5 years, weather or not you should get one depends on the likelihood of you driving vehicles with a digital tachograph, if you’re an agency driver I would say get one just in case you’re asked to drive a vehicle with a digital tacho.

And yes, even if it’s another way for the government to squeeze more money out of us, you should get one.

An awful lot of wagons these days have digi-tachos, and that percentage is only going to go up as time passes. Everything with an 07 plate or newer will have one, in 2 or 3 years you won’t be able to do a thing without one, unless it’s in an ancient shed of a motor.

basically you can claim back the cost of your digital card from what ever year you bought it in you just ask for the form for that year

form EIM66195 — Tax treatment
of lorry drivers: purchase of digital tachograph cards
Section 336 ITEPA 2003

Since August 2004 new lorries with a GVW above 3.5 tonne have been
required to have digital tachographs. All lorries must have them
from May 2006.

Drivers of these vehicles are required to have their own “smart card”

  • a card similar to a credit card that has a chip and is inserted in
    the digital tachograph. The card chip then records the mileage/rest
    periods etc. covered by the driver.

Drivers have to apply for their own card and the cost of the first car
d is £38. If the driver already has a new style driving licence with a
photo on it, DVLA will use the same photograph on the tachograph card.
If not, the driver has to supply passport style photos - the kind that
can be produced for about £3 - £4 in photo booths. The card then has to
be renewed every 5 years.

HMRC accept that the tachograph card is used by the driver wholly,
exclusively and necessarily in performing his or her driving duties.
Accordingly the expense of purchasing a digital tachograph card can
be allowed as a deduction under s336 ITEPA 2003. The cost of photographs
used on the card can also be allowed as part of the overall cost, even
though the photographs can also
be used to apply for a new style licence should the driver decide to do so.

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should I get one ?

Yes. Most of the work I’ve had since passing my test has been digicard work.