digi taco???????????

l will say this 1st sorry about the spelling

hi my digi card stop working the other week , so l phone DVCL to inform them about it. they told me to try in anther truck to see if it was not my head, so l did? still not working . Phoned following day they told me that they would send me the right forms out (this is the start off the 15 day you have to replace it) so l asked about keeping a recored?? she told me not to worry about it as the taco head keeps a recored off it and they can got all th info off that,

So off l go happy trucker thinking everthing ok. anyway l thought about this thinking l need to keep a recoed for my self so l put in my diray start finnish time driving time miles were l had beem start and finnish place weekend bracks night bracks well this happend on Tuesday.

13 days later l was pulled at oldham by are frendes in blue!!! over the bridge no problems into the parking bays, wheel tappers no problemes then ask for all my taco for the last 28 day, so l told him about my digi card he then ask me for a ecored off mr driving brack rest weekend bracks l told him what DVCA had sead to me , he sead not intrested showed him my diray sead not intrested sead that it was on the taco head sead its not his job he then infored mre that l should off tuck a ;print offever morning and put my start place and ever night doon the same and put my finnish place. I in told him no 1 had told me this, he sead as a professional driver l should now this.

anyway he sead that l would be charge with falling to keep arecored off my driving time and park me up for 45hr as l could not prov that l had had a weekend brack, my boss in going mad over this not with me with them as he beleaved l was doining right.

anyway he sends anther driver out to me for the truck, he tuens up we drop the tr and anther driver get the tr hes off this driver gets into my truck puts his digi card in and off we go.

about 20 min later l get a phone call fromare frends in blue wanting to now were l was? l told him l’m on my way home, told me that l’d to park the truck up told him l was not driving it some1 ell was, still told me to park it up on bolton west and they would be out to me,

he turns up with his mate in blue, he pulls me to the side going mad at me not onlyam l gettingcharg with faling to keep a recored but moving the truck as it vwas pg9 as well as me thought this is not my day, the outher copper was in my truck downlording my taco head then he downlorded it on to his laptop, l could not beleave it it had everthink that truck had doon since new ever movment ever drivers name ever time it had moved without a card in, then he went back untill mine name came up which was the monday befor my cardwent wrong, and ever think in my diary was the same as was on the laptop so l was telling the truth so if they had tuckme to court l would off got off with it as l had keep a record and for
moving thetruck and bracking the pg9 that should not off been on me or the truck as l had keep a record l would off got off that as well.

l had spent the day doing nothince the truck not marking mouny all becouse the copper want to mark his figers look good by charginga driver fordoing somethink he thought he was doing right in the 1st place

Sounds like a bad day alright.

If your card is lost/ not working, you need to do a printout at the beginning and end of every journey and add sufficient information to the printout to be able to identify the driver.

To be honest your boss should have been up to speed on the requirements.

Sorry m8 but they had every right to stop you from continuing your journey, as albion has said you should have made printouts at the start and end of each day, so you were in fact committing an offence regardless of weather or not you had broken any other regulations.

Page 35 - Rules on Drivers’ Hours and Tachographs
Lost, stolen or malfunctioning driver cards

Where it is impossible to use a driver card (e.g. where it has been lost, stolen or damaged or is
malfunctioning) a driver may drive without the card for a maximum of 15 calendar days (or longer
if this is necessary for the vehicle to be returned to its premises) provided that he produces two
printouts — one at the start of the journey and another at the end. Both printouts must be marked with:

  • the driver’s name or driver card or licence number, so the driver can be identified;

  • any manual entries needed to show periods of other work, availability, and rest or break; and

  • the driver’s signature.

The driver must report the problem to DVLA and apply for a new card within 7 calendar days.

Having said that, the DVLA shouldn’t have told you that you didn’t need to keep records, but to be honest it’s not really their job to know that stuff.

I suggest you click on the link above and study the regulations, you may also want to get your boss to do the same.

Good luck.

…so if they had tuckme to court l would off got off with it as l had keep a record…

Don’t think you would have got off with it as you didn’t keep the correct records. There is no defence, and you even admit to not keeping the correct records, so you would have been found guilty.

It does seem a bit strange to me you took advice from an organisation, the DVLA, who have nothing to do with enforcing the tacho regulations.

I had the same problem with my card not working and was told by VOSA that a written record was sufficient. However, as others have said on here, a printout should be made.

A little bit of information here - last night at midnight I went to change modes to other work from break, and the tacho diplayed no hours for me at all. I started to panic :blush: and tried again, the time now being 0001 and it was back to normal. I suspect that at midnight it goes into some sort of backup mode for a short while although obviously the records are still correct.