Digi tacho card

How long, on average do these take to arrive??

Filled out my form on my first day with the company, over 5 weeks ago now and still aint received it yet.

Manager assures me he sent it away as Jewson are paying the relevant fees.

Any info on who to chase up would be muchly appreciated.

Google ‘digi drivers card’

Google DVLA

All the answers are at your fingertips!

Mine arrived within about 10 days of sending the form off.

I believe DVLA have promised a 15-working-day turnaround if you’ve already got a photocard license.

Cheers for replies folks, received an e-mail from DVLA today saying that one hadn`t been issued to me.

They have advised that if it takes any longer than 15 working days, to re-apply.

I reckon my TM has neglected to send the form to group transport.

Posted my application last friday, got home today after a week away and it had arrived, quite surprised it was so quick.

Mine and a mates came in about 3 or 4 days i was supprised how fast they came