Digi advice plz

at the end of shift do i switch to break then take card out (to show me on 9 or 11 hr daily) or do i just take the card out while its on other work ■■? probly realy stupid question but am lost a wee bit and need to know the answer before i start rather than make a arse of it :blush:

Once you stop it goes on to cross hammers, just eject, end country uk, yes, print out yes/no, done.

thank hectorsdad :wink:

More often than not you won’t be starting your rest when you eject the card as you will still have to hand in keys and paperwork and so on. Leave it on other work when you eject it. Even if you switch it to rest the period between then and the next time you insert the card won’t be recorded as rest anyway, it will be marked as ‘?’ unknown.

thanks guys as luck would have it the agency has cancelled anyways :smiley: as it was humphing sofas for £6.50 an hour