Diesel Theives Sentenced

A while back I wrote a piece with regard to Norfolk and Suffolk Police resorting to issuing tickets to drivers kipping in laybys as a knee jerk reaction about criticism about their inability to catch diesel theives. Well fair is fair and I think Cheshire Police deserve full praise in their successful efforts to twart a gang of Romanian diesel theives who due to the efforts of the Police are now serving sentences of 2yrs 6 months ( 2 of the gang ) and 2yrs ( a third member ) According to the report in Truckstop News these theiving scumbags were caught on one occasion stealing fuel from Sandbach Services, blase or what and they were already on bail for similar thefts. Its just a pity the scum are not deported back to their native Romania to serve these sentences but not before they are forced to pay the costs of the 5day trial the public ■■■■■ had to cough up. Beggars belief the not guilty pleas when the Police caught them in the act. I think though in this case the hard work of Cheshire Police and the hard line taken by the courts has to be very much applauded by all.

Too little too late methinks.