i can’t find any prices, or buy anything from the website.
help please.

Prices are pretty average,but,I’ve been in there a few times over the last few years and they have everything.And I mean everything you could possibly want (for a truck).

They have offers every month which you can usually see from the online folder.

Difficult to get there at the moment as the road from J5 of the E17 through to Anzegem has had long term roadworks for over a year.

never heard of them before but i will save that addy.

ive just been looking at 12volt electric blankets, dont know if it would be safe or not. … unk+Warmer

Haha funny enough i clicked the top banner for that on here today :sunglasses: Looking for mats for a daf maybe a engine hump cover too but im not sure going by the picture they looked like they are to fit left hookers. Plus ive never heard of them although their website has everything on it (very comprehensive) but i didn’t buy anything :cry:

But ive been thinking there is a gap in the market for a good cheap quality uk online truck store. Ive spent hours looking for reasonable priced mats to fit a daf. But it seems impossible all the online shops no disrespect are rubbish - all they sell is junk for your windscreen.

True,the majority of stuff at Delrue is for left-hookers.

To view prices you have to register and log-in.

You need to sign up as a customer before you can see the prices Phil, under the choice of languages you can sign up by clicking the link there.

i can’t find any prices, or buy anything from the website.
help please.

Send me your money Phil and i’ll send you the merchandise you require. I’ll also send you a receipt :wink: