Death penalty, for or against

It’s well written and has a dig at the system.
like you can get 2 for 1
I would be against it but not in the way you think.
Compared to spending your life locked up and confined or ending you life in 5 minutes they are giving people a easy way out

My two reasons against it are :
(i) as you’ve said, it’s a quick way out of a life-time of paying for what you did, and
(ii) I don’t have sufficient confidence in the system’s (in)ability to prevent a miscarriage of justice, look at Andrew Malkinson, or the Post Office scandal

Anyone who prefers to inflict the deliberate and needless cruelty of confinement v a quick humane end says more about them.Its effectively the motive and support of torture for revenge.That isn’t justice.How far do you want to take it.
Bury them alive but with an air tube ?.

Normally I find you mildly amusing, but not today: there is no “needless cruelty” for the incarceration of people such as: Ian Huntley, Lucy Letby, Levi Bellfield, Rose West, Roy Whiting, and many others. They deserve to live a long, miserable existence and be constantly reminded how society feels about them.

If you think any of those people deserve “mercy” in the form of a quick end to their existence, you’re even more deranged than most of us already believe.

You obviously missed the point of the final sentence.By definition of its content I obviously get the revenge thing but being able to put that aside, or at least remove that motivation, is what separates us from medieval savages and being as much of a psychopath as the criminals.Its also why we don’t have a justice system based on revenge for the victim by those closest to the victim.Effectively you’re just pushing an agenda of psychological torture for revenge.

Way I see it is that this is obviously a very complex subject, which (for again obvious reasons) should be taken very seriously (just for a moment :smile:) and the decision whether or not you are for or against the death penalty, should not be taken lightly or flippantlly.
(Even by me…aka Mr Flippant, who takes very little seriously on the whole tbh.:joy:)

Those who nonchalantly say ‘I’m all for it’ just have not thought it through on the whole imo, not all people who have killed deserve to die.

As somebody said ‘Faith in the system’ or lack of it, where there have been numerous miscarriages of justice has to be considered .
Thr ‘Birmingham bombers’,. ‘The Guildford 4’, the guy (whose name escapes me) who was wrongly hanged in the 50s or 60s, …and presumably a few more who suffered the same fate around that time pre advanced forensics etc.
My personal opinion on it is this…
I am in favour of a death sentence for murder, but only in some cases, not in general.

Some of the names mentioned, Ian Huntley, Roy Whiting, Robert Black,.and other child murdering paedophilic scum, do not deserve to live and breathe the same air as decent people,.a quick bullet in the back of the neck would be their just desserts…
Jeez I would glady do it myself if one of mine was their victim.

As for the aforementioned ‘Giving them time to think about their crimes’ and/or ‘A quick way out of paying for what they did’…I reckon the threat of death facing them for a year or 18 months while full investigations (beyond ALL doubt, 100% as an absolute !) where their (deserved) mental suffering would be kicking in as a result, would adequately compensate for that, it would ‘condense’ that time of them thinking about it essentially …not to mention a break for tax funds spent on maintaining these pieces of ■■■■ 's lives for 20 or 30 years.
(Incidentally on a tangent, my theory is that Myra Hindley did not die but was released under a new identity.)

Again yes, and why not ? when perfectly innocent people are maimed and killed.
The Manchester and London bombers and the Lee Rigby murderers spring to mind

Police killers, the likes of Harry Roberts, kept alive since the 60s ffs!
The threat of death would be a bloody good deterent for the next guy pointing a gun or knife at a copper just doing his job.

As for any murders where there is a shadow of ambiguity or doubt, or crimes of ‘passion’ , or self defence gone wrong etc?
I think the present system of being judged on their individual merits and circumstances would (and do) work well.

But as I keep saying to Frangers when he gets so agitated and carried away with political ‘stuff’ , (I really need to stop making bullets for him snd winding him up btw :joy:)… It does not matter a ■■■■ what you and me think.
The Establishment, the Politicians will do and decide whatever tf they think or like, instead of doing what they are voted in to do…represent the electorate.
So just keep pi55ing against the wind on all this political stuff, be mildly frustrated on some subjects, but dont take them (too) seriously, it is better for your state of mind, health and well being.
Save it for those who are (grossly over)paid to deal with such things.

Anyhoo…my serious head is now being screwed off and changed back to my usual head.:joy:

I’m in favour of a death penalty with the following caveats:

Must be a 12-0 Jury verdict

Must involve one of the following crimes:

Mass Murder (3 or more persons, don’t have to be from same family)

Murder of Children

Corporate Manslaughter involving deaths in excess of 100 within one week of the incident.

I’m warming also to the idea of the death penalty for “Single murder of any first responder”. Eg. Knife a cop, break neck of Medic, shoot a firefighter…

It must NOT be for
Political Thought Crimes (Eg. for Conspiracy Theorists, Anti-Vaxxers, Nationalists, Patriots, Non-Mainstream Voters, etc.)

No, I’m supporting the system that removes dangerous people from society for the benefit of the majority.

Death will definitely and immediately remove anyone from society and this world.Ironically it’s not often anyone puts the humanitarian case for the death penalty.