Hi all, is there a government site you can access, to check if your DCPC modules have been uploaded, thanks


i think there is a link off of the jaupt site, but if you do a search on the direct gov site might find it on there :confused: :confused:

Yeh, tried that Wildfire, can’t seem to find anywhere that I’m able to access that info.


Send an e-mail to CPCRE@dsa.gsi.gov.uk or call 0191 2018 112


  • A request for a statement of periodic training to be posted to your home address
  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Driver licence number
  • Home address

A letter will be sent to your home address with completed course dates and hours. The letter comes from the DSA in Newcastle and can be used as confirmation to employers.

Thanks Steptoe, I was really looking for an online access if there was one, I live in France and would wait for ages for it to get sent to my sisters address then onto mine, by that time they will probably have sent the drivers card to her and she will post to me anyway, but thanks for the reply.


There isn’t any online access YET … but there will be - I was told May

Best you can do is email and they will post the results to you.

Alternatively contact the training providers you used - they can access THEIR training records online using YOUR driver number - then email it to you.


sent to my sisters address then onto mine

They will only send records to the address on your licence as well

Thanks Shep532 might just do that on Monday


do u have to pay for the letter? or is it free?

do u have to pay for the letter? or is it free?

From the DSA is free. If you contact whoever did the training they might charge.