David Jones & Co Liverpool (Golden Stream Tea)

Can anyone remember this company who delivered golden stream tea in the 1960s, they had premises on Strand Street just past the Pier Head Liverpool.
They also operated out of Manchester and Swansea, can anyone recall the livery of their lorries please.

Good Morning ,

Yes I remember David Jones and Co . I am the great grandson of R D Roberts who with David Jones founded the Company .

My family were in effect Dee Jay . I have some photos of their football teams and I recently donated my father’s cups won when playing for D J to the Liverpool Museum. I also have a booklet written by my 2nd cousin D K Hughes on the history of D J.

The truck colours were yellow . I remember steam poweded trucks as I used to go into Liverpool during the war years . I also rode on the overhead railway. .

Golden Stream Teas , Dervel Butter , Skipper Sauce , Gleason’s Custard Powder are some products that come to mind.

Any more details let me know .


Yes I do, RDC of the future as regards time waiting to unload. :laughing:


Many thanks for posting the information on your family business, much appreciated.
I don’t suppose you have any pictures.


I found this photo in the publication David Jones 1862 to 1962.

All the staff at this company were Welsh or Welsh residents of Liverpool .

As a child I remember steam trucks similar to this travelling up and down Dock Road .

Probably 1940 to 42.

Have you tried the Companies Morris and Jones , Robert Davies or William Williams who were also in the wholesale grocery trade .


As a kid in the 1960’s I recall they operated a fleet of Bedford TJ & TK lorries out of a garage & workshop in Combermere street Toxteth.
The Garage suffered a serious fire around about 1966 destroying many vehicles. Does anyone remember that incident??