Dash Cam's

I’ve had a search but couldn’t find the thread I wanted. It was about a dashcam that was good for use in Australia with our high temp’s. I’ve had a BalackVue and ain’t impressed. Anyone know what camera was talked about ?

Go to this website and you will find all you need to know
www.dashcamtalk.com you need one that uses a capacitor instead of a battery the best one is Panorama G

Blackvues use capacitors. :wink:

Thanks for the replies. The BlackVue uses a super cap’ for shutting itself down when power’s removed and a battery for the gps/date/time. I’ve been on that site and couldn’t find one with the same spec’s, mac compatible and small size of the BlackVue, so I bit the bullet and ordered the DR 650 GW 2 channel. Fingers crossed.