Darley ford transport

Saw one of these recently on foreign plates. Think it was bulgaria or hungary. Have they flagged out? Maybe just a foreigner bought a unit and trailer off them.

They have a Magnum on BG plates

They buy decent kit, fairly new.

Saw a Topline of theirs on the A62 heading towards Bordeaux on Tuesday night, was still on Cornish plates. Perhaps they’ve flagged out part of their ‘fleet’?

~ Craig

Yeah, I think they are having a go at flagging some out. If it goes well they might do all of them and save themselves a packet.

There will be much more of this to come. I wouldn’t have a problem driving a BG truck, but in time British companies with BG trucks will have a problem paying British wages and all we’ll be left with will be a Norbert Dentressangle type scenario where whole swathes of their previously French registered fleet on domestic work (though falsely claiming to be on international work) will be BG and RO registered with drivers from those countries, bussed in for 3 month stints and put up in portacabin accommodation on their days off. There is absolutely no reason why this wont happen and a very many good reasons why it will. Once the EU completely does away with cabotage restrictions, it’s game over for western European domestic transport markets.

No some one else just reg 3 trucks there
Insurance cheaper to start

But main reason no more ■■■■ from vosa
As they as out their jurisdiction as bg registered

Also in bg if you dont have funds to get o licence financial standing
You can purchase a insurance type scheme to cover it
Joke really but true

If I remember right,didn’t a few firms start flagging out the Holland and the such but Vosa got on the case and put a stop to it.

They stopped you having them on a uk o licence

i do work for a guy in northern ireland ( the uk part ) he lives and has a business address in eire( the paddy part) ,the trucks bulgarian reg,has a office address in bulgaria,with an irish phone number (mobile),and im scottish with an address in eire on a uk driving licence with my uk address is c/o my solicitor…everytime im pulled (which is plenty when running for the ferrys),then sooner or laer the vosa dude gives up going round in circles,takes all the details and says they will be investigating further and will be in touch,and as i drive away ,theres much head shaking, scratching and confabbing going on in the mirror.if you cant dazzle them with brilliance?

Very sad state of affairs to see the way transport is going think like previously said Western European international transport is pretty much dead