Daily rest

Hi guys, I work 4 on 4 off and I am on the boats traveling to and fro for 3 nights of the 4. I had 3 9 hour reductions last week, I finished on Thursday evening at 18.00. As I’ve had 4 full days off can I do reduced breaks of 9 hours this week? Or does it need to be the full 11 every night this week?


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You can have 3 reduced daily rest periods between 2 weekly rest periods, so the weekly rest period resets the 3 reduced daily rest periods.

In other words if you’ve had 4 days off you can do another 3 reduced daily rest periods before your next weekly rest period.

By the way, you cannot have a reduced daily rest period if you’re interrupting the daily rest period to board/disembark a ferry, interrupted daily rest periods should be at-least 11 hours rest.