Daily rest question

Started yesterday at 5am

Tacho out at 19.30

Reduced break.

Started today at 04.40.

What time can I work until?


You should be finished work by:

19:40 if you have another reduced daily rest period available.

17:40 if you do not have a reduced daily rest period available.

19:40 if you’ve managed to have 3 consecutive hours rest during the shift.

Thanks Tacho, 3 is the max in a2 week period right?

You can have 3 reduced daily rest periods between weekly rest periods.

Lets say you started work on Sunday after a weekly rest period, you had a reduced daily rest period Sunday so you can have 2 more before your next weekly rest period.

It doesn’t matter what part of the week you have your weekly rest periods, it’s 3 reduced daily rest periods between 2 weekly rest periods.

Great, thanks so much for the quick reply. I started this working week yesterday. I had a weekly rest period on Fri and Sat so last night was my first reduced daily rest period after a weekly rest period.

I’m getting confused as the truck timer app I use to record my hours is saying I need to stop at 17.40.

Thanks again.

You can legally have:

3 reduced daily rest periods between weekly rest periods.

2 extended driving days (10 hour drives) each week (00:00 Monday to 24:00 Sunday).

You can drive for a maximum of 56 hours in a week.

You can drive for a maximum of 90 hours in each 2 week period

It would have been simpler if everything was calculated between weekly rest periods, but who knows why the regulations were written the way they are :slight_smile:

I’ve no idea why a truck timer app would say you need to stop at 17:40, you have reduced daily rest periods available and you can’t possibly have reached your maximum weekly/fortnightly driving limit, so assuming that your daily driving limit is OK I’ve no idea about that

Thanks for taking the time to reply so thoroughly.

I had a look at the timer app log and I had wrongly recorded the weekly rest as daily rest and so had no reduced rests left available today. I changed the log file to weekly rest and it showed I had until 19.40 before a daily rest.

At the end of day I was being a muppet.

Hi could you tell me which app you was using?

Yes its called Trucker Timer. It cost £3 odd on Google Play for android. Not sure about iphone, probably the same.