Daf xf

Have exhaust system warning and engine power limiting showing on the dash of a daf xf
Any ideas good people??

Ad blue problem of some sort

Any ideas on a temp fix?

Any ideas on a temp fix?

if it aint low on AB then its the work shop for a sensor fix …
You could try a number of Things like
Ign off foot break hard down and then ign on .

Various trucks like cars have different ways of putting the system into a get me home mode…

I had this once when I drove an XF workshop said it was ok to drive until it came back to the yard, however I felt it wasn’t using Ad-Blue then later on in the week I was losing power and struggling to get above 25mph up slight hills with not much weight on. It turned out to be the sensor.

Mine showed these warnings.Had it checked by the dealers,turns out to be a faulty wiring loom.Still waiting for a new one 3 weeks later.None available in UK,was coming from Germany.Supposed to arrive Monday of last week but no show.Asked on Thursday and someone was supposed to be looking for it in a container in Eindhoven :unamused:
Was told it would arrive yesterday but again it didn’t.Boss isn’t happy.
Understood my boss to say there are 5 more motors throughout the UK waiting for the same part.
Mine is a 13plate,went on the road 4th August.

Our gaffer has stopped buying DAF after crap aftercare from them. Shame really as in my eyes there is probably only the new Merc Actros that can beat the DDAF XF for driver comfort.

Engine power limiting is drivable but its a pain in the ■■■■. You can get it up to full speed but slightest hill and you’re a frigin sitting duck still moving… well crawling.

I feel your pain as nearly all our trucks suffer this from time to time!