Daf xf tacho.

Hey just switched from volvo to daf and my digi is resorting to break every time I turn ignition off never had this before and wondering if you can change it?

Cheers Andy

I think it has to be changed by an auth tacho person. You can’t change it

Yes. It depends on the make of tacho unit and most require a calibration centre to change it.

Far as I know that can only be changed by a tacho service centre. It has nowt to do with the manufacturer of the vehicle or the tacho - It’s just the way it has been set up.

Cheers for the replies will just have to put up with it just now

Watch it for knocking you off a break if you switch the ignition back on…
I’ve met a couple like that, flick the ignition back on to wind the window up if it starts raining and your break gets wiped out, gotta start again :S

Not saying it will, just that some do if they are programmed differently than the normal.

Like kaistar just said, if you change it, it will change to hammers if you turn ignition on/off, which is when you lose your break :imp:
So you’re sat there with the window down, enjoying a cuppa and the heavens open. Ooh what a choice, sit there and get wet, or turn the ignition on and close the window, losing the break. Still, worse things happen at sea.

The head will flash for about 5 seconds if you turn the ignition on allowing you to quickly change it back to break without losing it but if you don’t know about it, you’re going to lose that break :imp:

Mine reverts to break too when you knock the ignition off, but it doesn’t go back to cross hammers when you switch it back on again. Besides, you don’t need the ignition on to wind the windows up anyway. First click on the key is ample.

When we got the xfs we had the same problem off jumping off break when you turned the ignition on/off and they reverted to other work we had to put them into Daf to get it sorted but its a 10 min job

VDO units need to be set up at an authorized tachograph centre

Newer Stoneridge units can be changed in the settings when a Company Card is inserted