DAF xf radio

I am wanting to change the radio in my daf xf (59 plate) for one with an aux input, got plenty of 12v ones knocking around but I think the one in the daf is 24v, is it possible to alter the wiring to run the 12v radio?
If so what is involved.


Chances are it’s already 12v but if not try a step down transformer

What sort of radio is it? Might just need to add the cable and activate Aux in. Will cost you less than a tenner.

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As said check if it’s 12v already a lot seem to be these days. If it is 24v then fit a dropper and use the 12v from that to power the radio.

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This is what you need if it’s a Blaupunkt manufactured one anyway: ebay.co.uk/itm/351696226695

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Check out this thread


Cheers for the info
It is definitely a 24v radio.
If I add the cable mentioned above does it automatically enable the aux function or does it have to go to daf to get it done ( did a similar thing to my Citroen and had to have it enabled using a computer) have pressed the SRC button on the radio but it has no effect at the moment.

I think from memory, you put it in stand by mode, then access the menu and you’ll find the option to enable aux in from there

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