DAF XF 2008 no ignition feed

Morning. I’d appreciate some help please. I’ve a DAF XF 2008 410 & I’ve no ignition feed. Nothing that’s wired through the ignition works, also no ignition lights come on when the keys turned.
I’ve sent the ECU’s away for test & they’ve been returned as working fine. I’ve checked the fuses on the left of the engine block & of course the fuse box. No power to the start relay either.
I’m assuming there’s something I’m overlooking?
Any help would be gratefully received & please don’t say burn it… cos I’m close already…. lol…
Thanks, Simon.

I think the more appropriate section of the forum would be

Although there are lots of unanswered questions in there too.

Some barsteward hasn’t flicked the battery isolator have they?

Have you checked that you still have a battery?

DAFs of that about that time had trouble with the looms didn’t they?
The plastics they used cracked and broke down, I think.

I can’t see anything like that, but to be honest, the build quality is appalling.