DAF XF 105 evacuation system problem?

I`m writing here in hope that someone will give me an answer regarding my problem. I have a DAF XF105 2011 and i had a problem with the evacuation sistem , i have to tell you that in this period i had consumed 4.500 litres in 11.000km a huge consum but i dont know if that was causing the problem,anyway i solved the problem thru the main dealer and they said that everything is fine now and they replaced a sensor. All good, last night i had to load the truck with 25 tones when i tryed to leave the bay same error, i can say that now there isnt the same error on the screen but it shows me the warning “cuted smoke” with red on the screen. Another think is that last night it showed me on the screen with red STOP THE ENGINE…i stoped on the emergency lane i stoped the engine wait a couple of minutes and start again without any problems. The think is that i was in a DAF dealer and they said that evrything is fine so i dont know what to do anymore, please tell me if you know something!

Thank you

Hi flashconnect

I’ve split your post from where you posted it because it’s a separate subject.

Sorry I can’t help you with this problem, but those in the know will be able to give you some answers now. :smiley: