DAF Curtains

Anyone know how to get the curtains out if a 105 ssc?
They need a good old wash and brush up!

Cheers Ads.

Sorry for the double post, bloody phone!

Shouldn’t they be on hooks ?

I can’t ever remembering being ever asked to remove curtains ,though the rail does do an “S” bend, I think above the screen ,so you may find a stop there that you can undo a slide the curtains off…I am trying to go from a very very poor memory …Have been on DAF for 17 years ,I don’t get nice little jobs like that

The ones in my old 95 were on like a spring clip, you just pulled them out and pushed them back in, or remove the stopper clip at the end and slide them out. Sorry if that’s obvious but maybe I’ve picked you up wrong :blush: .

Not sure about a 105, (but i would imagine its the same) very fidgety, but do-able, but in my 95 there was a stop either end of the runners (where the runners finish against the back wall), twist the little plastic bit that is in the stop and it will drop out, pull curtains to back of runners and out. This is a pain as you dont have a lot of room to do it. (and a torch maybe handy when trying to undo the plastic bit on the stop)
Then do it in reverse to put them back in, this is harder, (threading curtains back into the runner)

Take the stops out where the curtain tracks overlap above the windscreen. Use a smallish screwdriver and they should just push out with a bit of effort. Be carful not to damage them because they are an interference fit.

The stops on the bunk curtains simply twist through 90 degrees and lift out.