Daf cf electrical problem

Hi everyone, i have a problem with my daf cf85 €3 from time to time i get alternator and oil pressure low warning and whenever i get these to warning the truck crank fine but dont start when i dont get the warning the truck start normal. After a while it shut down on the road and then i get red engine light ,alternator warning and oil pressure low sometimes it just dont show up on my dash then truck start but whenever it shows up it dont start. Who can help me out?

@norb can you help me out

What is the background of the Daf,age of alternator…and how long have you had it? Problem with ECU monitored sensors,if the fault is not genuine (harness loom fault) it will shut the engine down

I could be wrong,the alternator drive belt might run the pump,and if the belt tensioner is aging,that might be the issue

The daf is a 2001 and had the problem like 4 month but it started with low oil pressure and alternator warning and whenever i see those warning it crank fine but wont start and when they dont show up it start fine and a month ago i get red check engine light with alternator and oil pressure low

But i get the warning when i put my ignition in on position so before i crank over

that’ll be the ECU getting a fault signal and will cause it not to start,like any other vehicle be it van/car…Do you know what engine it has?

From time to time it start and then it dont start it have a daf engine xe serie

yep,already mentioned…What cc is the engine size? You might want to inspect the belt tensioner.

Its a 430hp i dont know how much cc that is and i just check the tensioner seems to work good

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then it’ll be a wiring issue…I’m none the wiser

I have check the wiring already everything good i change the crankshaft sensor and bellhouse sensor i let someone with a scanner check it and it show immobilizer but i and after that is just fine

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