well after 2nhalf weeks of being a fulltime stay at home dad to 3 kids under 5 i have to say im NAKERED and to top it all the money is crap and the hours would put the dogiest irish haulier to shame, but there is a huge benefit i get to spend all this time with my kids and im lovin it and im not missing being on the road wife is doing ok with her being able to visit home to se if she can cope with the everyday life which depending on how she feels is a good or bad experience its gonna be a long road ahead of us and the doc has told me i will have to be my wifes carer when she comes out as to much stress will put her straight back where she anybody who thinks being a driver is hard its a doddle compared to this :laughing: :laughing: :wink:

Good luck to you m8,hope your wife makes a full recovery.( it will take time)And yes driving a wagon is far easier than what you have to do,hats off to you m8. :wink: Give us a visit as and when you can m8.

All the best wishes to you, your wife and your children, hope she recovers quickly, and that she will soon be able to return to the bossom of her family, to receive the best care available, the sought that only her loved ones provide.

your a better man than me carl! not that i dont love my two girls to bits mindโ€ฆ just that they drive me crackers after two days at home :laughing: .
makes you realise its not all sitting watching daytime tv and drinking tea eh?
good luck mate :open_mouth: rgds jon

Carl hope your missus gets better soon,and yes driving for a living is easier than raising kids but definitely not as rewarding.
Been the stay at home dad since little girl was 6 weeks old(she ie now 3yrs)back to work full time for the last year,as she has got a nursery place,but still miss not being at home with her.Unfortunately work is a necessary evil for us single parents.
Take care and congrats on what you are doing and experiencing with the kids.


i hope is everything is better for you now how are things coming along. :wink: