Dad Xf radio

Hi has anyone replaced the radio in a xf been given a 68 plate and doesn’t have Bluetooth use it for Spotify seen some pictures saying it is 12 v but took it out and is a 24v one fited do they work with 12v as well or do I need to find a 24v one thanks

May be dome big companies will buy big njmber of DAF … ance-group

It not be easier and cheaper to buy a Bluetooth FM transmitter.
Never used one but have heard about them.
Or maybe just buy a decent Bluetooth speaker instead

%i did in my old motor where i used to work bought a pioneer head unti with dab and usb socket brought it in they got the sparky to to fit even though it was just a straight they did notwant people cutting wires.had to by a digital areial that stuck to windscreen to.but ur better off buying one that goes on the roof as over time it peels off or when a new screen is fitted it will not go back on.

you may be lucky and have another iso plug that does 12v as well taped up, if not there are some other plugs etc back there some have a 3 pin phone plug can get a 12v feed from, tap another from the ■■■ lighter if its a 12v one, also can get a loom from daf, think it goes from the dropper by fusebox, but its probably stupid money.

Got todo this on my lorry, bloody 24volt in it, but some swapping about of wire will have what I need and should get a dedicated usb charging socket fitted as well

Couldn’t find 12v cable don’t know enough to do it myself boss may get a 24v one fited using a pure highway I bought years ago for music just now thanks

Any spare DIN slots above the windscreen? Check there for a 12v supply.
But don`t poke around too near the tacho!