D2 confusion

Hi guys I’m in the process of renewing my licence using form d2 which the dvla have sent me. I’m surrendering my lorry entitlement due to retiring. I’m a little confused as to whether i need to send a photo along with the licence. On the ‘how to fill in d2 form’ (inf2d) it says, “You do not need to provide a new photo if you are a GB photocard licence holder” Simple straight forward, yes?
But, on the D2 form itself it states on section E " You must include a photo with your application if: You are renewing your licence as it is due to expire within 56 days or has expired.
So which is it? Anyone know any advice I’d much appreciated

Sorry, but I don’t have the answer to your question but send a photo in anyway-with your user name it might give DVLA a much needed laugh :laughing:

Don’t know about a laugh, might give em a bit of a scare though

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